Tralcon is a Dutch company on the global market that has been established with the aim of providing improving and optimizing the Refractory and High-Temperature industry by providing high-quality service.

This is in relation to:

  • Purchasing, supplying, and producing products
  • Providing professional supervision of construction companies, and start-ups within the industry.

Tralcon's core activity is to provide high-quality procurement, supervision, and industry-leading services focused on supporting you as a customer to:

  • Reduce costs;
  • Improve efficiency;
  • Save time.

In addition to refractory bricks and concrete, Tralcon also offers high-temperature fiber products such as fiberglass and silica products.

A few of these are:

At Tralcon, we take the competitive edge by providing excellent service to realize customer satisfaction.

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Tralcon offers strong problem-solving capabilities for the high-temperature and refractory industry.

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