Tralcon BV aims to improve and optimize the modern-day available service for the refractory and high-temperature industry.

We achieve this goal by providing specialized supervision for construction projects and start-ups within this industry.

Tralcon has gained its knowledge and expertise over the years throughout countless international affairs. A lot of practical experience has been gained during more than 20 construction projects in the waste incineration - Aluminum and Chemical industry (see references). As a result, we can provide your organization with an exclusive value that’s nowhere else available.


Tralcon's core business is to provide unparalleled quality in procurement, supervision, and industry-leading services dedicated to supporting the refractory and high-temperature industries.

When you use Tralcon's knowledge within your organization, you will achieve:

  • Cost reduction
  • Operational efficiency
  • Time savings

At Tralcon, we take the competitive edge by providing excellent service to realize customer satisfaction.


Prior to supervision, we will organize an exploratory meeting. During this first meeting, you will get acquainted with our company. The goals and working methods needed for this project will also be determined.

Subsequently, an agreement is drawn up between both parties. In this agreement, the framework of the supervision and other mutual agreements are settled in writing. Matters such as Activities, Rates, Payment, Accommodation, Travel Expenses, and Liability are formally mentioned.

Tralcon provides specialized supervision of construction projects and start-ups in the industry whom we serve using all our international experience. A list of references and previous projects can be found on this website.

Our broad knowledge and experience have proven to be highly effective and time-saving.

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Greenfield projects

  • Wurzburg, Waste incinerator, Noell
  • Svenborg, Waste incinerator, Volund
  • Horsholm, Waste incinerator, ABB
  • Odense, Waste incinerator, ABB
  • Copenhagen, Spildeveandcentre, Seghers/Keppel
  • Slavonski, Brod Waste incinerator, Bloom und voss
  • Gamsen, Waste incinerator, Noell
  • Vlissingen, Holding Furnaces, Pechiney NL
  • Vitoria Espireto Santo Brasil, Arcelor Mittal Claus furnace, Junger & Gräter (2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016)
  • 2016 Israël Bazan
  • 2017 Bazan Israël
  • 2018 Attero Moerdijk Vuilverbranding Ketel 3 & 4
  • 2013 Turkije Bandrma ontzwavelingsovens
  • 2014 Vietnam supervisie
  • 2015 Qatar supervisie
  • 2015 Pakistan supervisie
  • 2017 Korea supervisie
  • 2021 Lamifil Vesuvius 
  • 2021 Bio Ecology Israël


  • Alcoa Quebec, Carbon Bake Instructor for local contractor
  • Vlissingen, Melting Furnace 4 Furnaces, Pechiney NL
  • Vlissingen, Sinter Furnace 6 Furnaces, Thermphos-NL
  • Aluminium Bahrain, Holding Furnace Launder system Consultancy
  • Dubai, Holding Furnace Launder system Consultancy
  • Dubai, Holding Furnace Gulf Extrusion
  • Alcomet, Holding Furnace System improvement
  • Hong Kong, Meyer Aluminium Holding Furnace
  • Vlissingen, Process 2 vervangen van compensatoren, Total Raffinaderij
  • Vlissingen, Fire protection scheidingswand transformatoren, DELTA Utility Services
  • Vlissingen carbon bake furnaces D (2019)
  • België Evonik Antwerpen, stop 2011 sept, reparaties Reactor
  • Grasdrogerij Kortgene (2010 t/m 2021)
  • Lamifil Homogeniseeroven nr 5 (2018)
  • Schelde Exotech steam generator YARA revamp supervision (2018,2021)
  • Lamifil Homogeniseeroven nr 6 (2019)
  • Lamifil supervision aluminium holding furnaces (2021,2022)
  • Century Carbon bake furnace total revamp supervision (2019)
  • Israël Bio Ecology Rotary Kiln revamp supervision (2019)
  • Israël Bio Ecology Rotary Kiln revamp supervision (2021)
  • Schelde Exotech warmtewisselaar (2018)

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