Production is realized in our own workshop

In our workshop, we produce sleeves, protective covers, and other refractory textile materials. These are all produced in-house.


Tralcon specializes in the in-house production of high-temperature textile products.

These include the following products:

  • Sleeves
  • Insulation mattresses
  • Protective covers
  • Heat shields
  • Launder covers
  • Specific custom seals


Tralcon is specialized in making high-temperature products, such as the following:

Within our prefab department, our products are made of refractory concrete. This varies from nozzles (casting pipes) to casting ladles for the aluminum industry. All products are custom-made. The molds are made according to your designs. These include lost molds, but also silicone, wooden, or steel molds. All in accordance with your unique wishes and the best possible materials and advice. The products can be delivered dried out if desired.


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