Tralcon b.v.
Trading & Consultancy

Hensonweg 4
4462 GV Goes
The Netherlands

+31 (0)113 230860
+31 (0)6 19641824


Tralcon B.V. is Dutch Company on the Global market which has recently been formed to
Improve and optimize the services currently available to the refractory industry with respect to:

  1. The purchase of  high temperature products (see Products)
  2. The provision of first rate supervision of construction and start-up work in the Refractory industry
  3. Expertise in  Product application and Project calculation in the Refractory Industry

The know- how and expertise available within Tralcon is unique because it combines a number of essential (added) values which in many a case the client cannot draw from its own organization.

This know-how and expertise has been gathered over a great number of years in a number of countries worldwide. Experience has been gained through cross fertilization at Revamps and new-built Waste- Aluminium- and Chemical installations (see reference list).

Tralcon with its network has access to and experience with manufacturer's world wide of a variety of products required by the refractory industry, and as a focal point for its clients keeps track of market developments and developments in the technology, thus ensuring timely innovation and state of the art technology for the client.

Client satisfaction is obtained by Tralcon's performance in giving the client a competitive edge.